How Can You Keep Your Carpets Clean After Professional Cleaning?

cleaning carpets with vacuum

What should you do after the carpet cleaners leave? To extend the life of your flooring and make the most of this investment, take a look at the tips to keep your carpets clean, pristine, and fresh-smelling.

Mind Your Feet

Remove your shoes before you walk across your newly cleaned carpets. This prevents dirty footprints and stops the spread of debris throughout your home. Not only will this strategy keep your carpets clean immediately after the contractor leaves, but it can extend the life of the cleaning.

Counterintuitively, you also shouldn’t walk on your rugs barefoot. The oils from your feet can stain your clean carpets.

If you can’t wear shoes and you can’t go barefoot, how should you walk on your dry, freshly cleaned carpets? Wear clean socks or slippers whenever you walk on your rugs. Ask other household members and guests to remove their shoes (when possible) to avoid dirt from the extra foot traffic.

Vacuum Often

A professional carpet cleaning isn’t a one time and you’re done job. Even though your floors may look picture perfect right now, the pristine sheen won’t last forever.

Whether everyone removes their shoes, or not, dust, allergens, and other debris particles may make their way to your carpet’s fibers. This can leave your flooring dull and dirty—even after hiring a professional to keep your carpets clean.

Regular vacuuming can remove surface dust and refresh your carpets. It can also reduce indoor allergens and help to decrease indoor odors. The number of times you vacuum per week depends on your home’s needs. High foot-traffic, pets, and children can increase the need to vacuum regularly. Stay ahead of the game and vacuum before you see dirt or debris build-up on your rugs.

Perform Regular Maintenance

The professional carpet cleaning you just paid for won’t last forever. Even with regular vacuuming, your carpets will need additional expert attention.

How often should you schedule professional carpet cleaning? There’s no magic number or formula to figure out when you need carpet maintenance. Before you create a carpet cleaning schedule, consider:

  • How many people walk through your home. The more foot-traffic you have, the more often you’ll need a professional to clean your carpets.
  • How many pets you have. Do you have pets? Between the fur and debris your pup tracks in from their outdoor play periods and walks, your carpets take a beating. If you have pets, you’ll need regular services more often.
  • Special events. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other parties mean you need fresh carpets to show off. Along with cleaning your carpets before these events, you’ll also want to schedule service after the activity as well.

Discuss your home’s flooring maintenance needs with the carpet cleaning contractor. The professional can help you to create the just-right schedule for your home.

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