How To Get Dried Slime Out Of Your Carpet

Dried slime in carpet

Looking for more information on how to get dried slime out of your carpet? Getting slime out of carpet can be a challenging task, often leaving homeowners puzzled. Slime, the gooey and stretchy plaything loved by children, unfortunately doesn’t discriminate where it ends up. Whether during an enthusiastic play session or accidental spill, slime can…

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4 Common Dangers to Carpets

clean carpet under cat

Many homeowners prefer the look and benefits of carpet. However, carpets can get dirty fast, which is why you need regular carpet cleaning. Check out these four common dangers to carpets without routine maintenance. 1. Foot Traffic Over time, carpets can become worn, and foot traffic exacerbates this. This wear and tear is more common…

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3 Tips for Caring for Your New Ceramic Tile Floor

clean ceramic tile flooring

If you just moved into a home that has ceramic tile flooring or just installed ceramic tile in your existing home, then you need to learn how to care for it well. When properly cared for, a ceramic tile floor can last for decades before it needs to be replaced! Thankfully, ceramic tile is a…

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5 Times You Need to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

living room carpets and upholstery

Furniture, especially quality furniture, is expensive. Sometimes, it makes more fiscal sense to professionally clean furniture with an expert rather than tossing it out or simply buying new stuff. Discover five situations where cleaning your furniture with a professional may be best. 1. You’ve Had a House Fire Even small fires can leave your home…

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Strategies to Prevent Pet-Related Carpet Stains

clean carpets with pets

Pets are an important part of many families. While they add a lot of love and joy to a household, they also introduce a lot of dirt and dander that can lead to more cleaning responsibilities. Carpeting, in particular, can take the brunt of pet related wear and tear. Whether you are dealing with pet…

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