Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner Before the Holidays Arrive?

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The holidays are on the horizon, and you’re in full prep mode. Along with planning a holiday menu and buying gifts, take a look at why you should add carpet cleaning to your to-do list.

Fall Leaf Debris

The wet fall weather left behind a layer of debris-soaked leaves in your yard. Every time someone walks through them and into your home, they bring pieces of the leaves inside — along with plenty of muck and mud.

Before the holidays make life even more hectic, call the carpet cleaning professionals for a post-fall, pre-winter service. While regular vacuuming can clear larger pieces of debris and spot cleaning can remove some of the leftover stains, you don’t have the expertise or equipment needed to full clean your carpets. Leave the leaves to the pros and give this job to the pros.

Holiday Photos

Are you taking holiday photos at home? Think about the full shot as you plan for your card. If the floor will show (whether it’s your living room, the stairway, or another carpeted part of this house), you need to pay special attention to what’s beneath your feet. Avoid a dull, dirty, or debris-covered base for these all-important pictures with a clean floor.

A carpet cleaning professional can get your flooring in picture perfect shape. Again, like with leaf debris, a DIY job (or just vacuuming) can help. But this may not make your carpets look photo-ready. An expert can make the most of your flooring, whether it’s newer or older, and give you the best backdrop for a festive family photo to hang over the mantle or send out as a holiday card.

Out-of-Town Guests

Are you ready to host the in-laws, your grown siblings, or family friends? If out-of-town guests are coming for the holidays, schedule a carpet cleaning service before they arrive.

Why clean the carpets before your guests traipse over them? Even though your holiday visitors may add mud, dirt, or other debris to your rugs (especially if they have young children or pets), freshen your home and start the trip off right with clean carpets. This welcoming step will make your guests feel at home and show them that you care about their visit.

If you don’t have infants or toddlers, but your guests do, you may need a carpet cleaning to make the floor safe and sanitary. A crawling baby or tot who loves to roll on the rugs needs a clean place to play. If your carpets still have stuck-on leaf debris, mud, muck, or pet stains when your guests arrive, you may make the stay challenging for the parents in the group.

Before you schedule the carpet cleaning, talk to the professional about child-safe ways to get a deep clean. Harsh chemicals and some ingredients pose a safety risk when young children come in contact with them.

Food Odors

Have you spent days cooking holiday foods for parties, family meals, and other gatherings? The pre-holiday rush often includes plenty of get-togethers and potluck parties. Whether you whipped up a pungent entrée for a festive work fete, slow cooked a fragrant roast, or cooked anything else that left behind an intense odor, carpet cleaning can help.

While room sprays, scented candles, and other deodorizers can help to reduce the smell, these won’t completely remove odors from your flooring. Trapped scents require the expertise of a professional to lift up and remove.

This service goes beyond covering the carpet with scented soap or layering a fragrance over the smelly rugs. Instead, the professional will deep-clean the rugs and remove the odor. Along with food smells, carpet cleaning can also tackle odors your pets leave behind.

Do you need a pre-holiday time professional carpet cleaning? Contact J.G. Carpet Cleaning LLC for more information on available services.